Artist Directory

Laura A Hernandez Painting Dissociative Abstract Paintings Visit Profile
ilse coffman Mixed Media Ink and Flashe' paint figurative and still life works on heavy French paper Visit Profile
Eliza Holt Other Digital illustration and painting (gouache and acrylic) Visit Profile
Amanda Alves Other Non-toxic Candles & Soap Visit Profile
Jessica N Norman Drawing Drawings of the places that hold special significance in our lives Visit Profile
Stanley CStark Painting “my art” is for others to like luv or not…to describe it would be selfish Visit Profile
Lucie Sorel Fabric 1 of 1 clothing and accessories made from upcycled and natural materials Visit Profile
Antoinette Ann Lopes Painting Mixed Media Oil paintings and Charcoal Drawings Visit Profile
Jane Valentine Fabric Hand made felt catnip toys Visit Profile
Nancy M Guzman Painting I am a Realism Artist Visit Profile
Anayeli Yoonan Other handmade candles with different styles, inspired by different things such a Visit Profile
Jah Park Glass Glass jewelry and art pieces Visit Profile
Roxanne Seaton Painting I blend tech, art, & UX to innovate and transform. Visit Profile
Teala Sadler Other I create eerie yet cozy block prints, paintings, and drawings! Visit Profile
Emily Headen Jewelry Hand made jewelry, most often crafted from silver and gemstones. Visit Profile
Elaine Schimek Painting Acrylic Collage depicting ficticious city-life and nostalgia. Visit Profile
Anna Nicole Frantz Ceramics Earthen Jungle is where you can explore nature inspired ceramic goods. Visit Profile
Chelsea Acker Other Tufted fiber art pillows and wall hangings Visit Profile
Dylan Joseph Frederick Gatchell Mixed Media Contempary and modern mixed media Visit Profile
Maggie Doss Mixed Media Mossy Bones is a whimsical combination of bones, dried florals & mushrooms Visit Profile
Sydnee Dowd Fabric Handcrafted trendy dog bandanas and accessories Visit Profile
Chris Heberer Other Blacksmith focused on household items like hooks, brackets, cupboard pulls Visit Profile
Mihkayla Boyd Mixed Media Abstract, bold, and cool to look at Visit Profile
Justice Newkirk Jewelry Handcrafted goods to adorn your body and home. Visit Profile
Christa Nye Painting Mixed Media Painting Visit Profile
Christine Covington Wood Hand crafted wood goods from salvaged wood in the Pacific Northwest. Visit Profile
Rhonda Summer Other I make Soy Candles. They are unique, handpoured, and are non-toxic. Visit Profile
Charlie Reiss Fashion Out with the old, in with the new. Visit Profile
Lesly Ramos Jewelry Hand made polymer clay earrings Visit Profile
Sandra Lanz Painting Cuban-American artist working in painting, illustration, comics, and games. Visit Profile
Diane Ramic Drawing Illustrator and graphic designer with a love of birds, scifi, and fantasy. Visit Profile
Jane Pellicciotto Jewelry Urban-inspired, mixed-material contemporary jewelry. Visit Profile
Aidan Orellana Painting Contemporary art with a dark, surrealist atmosphere. Visit Profile
Molly Moir Fashion Crochet hats, and bandanas with semi-precious charms Visit Profile
Tyrus Nathaniel Jackson Davis Mosaic Framed art pieces made out of preserved moss Visit Profile
Billy Ghoul Print-making haunted art for gay punks Visit Profile
Kelvin Buchanan Other Handmade Candles Visit Profile
Thomas Case Mixed Media Handmade Guitars, mandolins, ukuleles Visit Profile
Allanah Cecilia Steen Fabric Upcycled fabric, hand dyed and hand sewn. Home goods, apparel, quilts. Visit Profile
macalah hartung Fabric Mom-sewn hair accessories Visit Profile
Alex La Flora Other Plants, succulents, and unique arrangements Visit Profile
Hope Tiffany Poet Other Handmade soap, skincare products, and felt earrings Visit Profile
Jenna K Funkhouser Mosaic I make high-quality mosaic jewelry and other visual forms. Visit Profile
Taylor Leigh Moody-Huhn Mixed Media Artist and Illustrator Beginning Small Business Visit Profile
Poina Liwai Mixed Media Shadow Box Miniatures & Jewelry featuring animal bones & teeth. Visit Profile
Grace Miller Jewelry Polymer clay earrings Visit Profile
Kanika Bennett Jewelry Hand-made jewelry with a timeless and elegant style. Visit Profile
Daniel C Agius Print-making Hi there my name is Daniel I sell 3D pictures and oil paintings. Visit Profile