Erin Tiffany Erickson,
Fashion Artist

Creating art inspired custom unique wearable hats for the whole family

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I started my business because my friends and I wanted to wear something that was unique, functional,  had personality, and didn't cost a million dollars.  Blowfish has been something that has connected me to the community I live in, and the ones I lived before, by becoming sort of a cult following of "Blowfish hat wearers".  Our hats have been spotted all over the world on adventurers heads and clipped on to backpacks on the other side of oceans.  We also work with artists and small organizations to bring to life their own ideas that express who they are as well.   I make things because I love to connect with people in playful ways and experiment.  Beyond the hats I am exploring with textile design, nature printing, improv sewing, and currently curious about pattern and movement within art. I also dabble in teaching in schools playing with the idea that we are all creators ready to express ourselves through craft and creativity.  

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