About Us

Urban Art Network is a registered 501-C3 non-profit organization dedicated to creating opportunities for self-representing local artists.

We are collectively engaged in:

  • Creating and hosting events for artists to showcase and sell their work
  • Working with businesses and other organizations to promote the arts
  • Networking and outreach for both established and emerging artists

Since 2000, a devoted team of artist coordinators has presented a street art gallery in the Pearl District on First Thursdays. For one vibrant evening each month from April through October, artists at all stages of their careers, self-represent and sell their work. The Street Gallery is open to the public, rain or shine, every First Thursday (5pm - 10pm) April through October.

Artist Coordinators

Jennifer Kapnek

Street Gallery Coordinator, Sign-in

21 years


I love the magic that happens at the Street Gallery. I am honored and proud to be a part of Urban Art Network.

Joseph Forbish

Street Gallery Coordinator

16 years

Metal art and mixed media

Try to help out best I can.

Michelle Purvis

Street Coordinator, Safety Crew, Active selling artist.

14 years


Support emerging artists and connections with the community.


Street Gallery Coordinator

14 years

Commission and artist woodturner

I am proud to be on a team that supports up and coming artists.

Zak Gere

Street Gallery Coordinator

19 years

Painter & Sculptor

Free spot

Chuck E. Bloom

Street Gallery Coordinator

20 years


It is a way to help ensure outlets for artists and easy access to people to buy art.

Dana Gravelle

Digital Coordinator

17 years

Involved with UAN since 2005. I'm happy to assist whenever I can.