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a unique and funky jewelry brand with a y2k fairy flare!

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Howdy!!! :) my name is Kenny and I moved to Oregon about 3 years ago from my hometown in Illinois. I went to school for fashion at SIUC and have my BA in fashion styling. I have always been drawn to bright colors, funky textures and pattern clashing prints! My jewelry brand is called Kandy by Kenny and the name was inspired by my love for music festivals and the PLUR (peace love unity respect) community, where ravers often trade bracelets made of beads known as kandi. I decided to drop the I add a Y to make it more cohesive with my name, thus Kandy by Kenny was born! I started raving in 2015 and always loved making kandi for other ravers. It wasn’t until about 2020 that I started taking my jewelry making more seriously and branching out to make more intricate pieces, focusing mainly on chunky statement necklaces and quirky pieces that I could incorporate into my rave styling. My designs aren’t for the faint of heart, I love to be bold and stand out in the crowd! I believe that everyone should show their true colors and let their freak flags fly, and expressing yourself through fashion and accessories is my favorite way to help others do so as well! <3

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The Squishville Chunker


Kozmic Kitty


Siren of the Sea


Princess Peach


Rave Pals


Krystal Kandy


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