Jonathan Edward Amann,

I make oil lamps handcrafted from crystals, fossils, and exotic minerals

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Welcome to Glowstone. My artisanal pieces combine the natural elegance of raw crystals, fossils, and exotic minerals with the sophisticated ambiance of flame. The magic lies in a discrete, low-profile reservoir beneath each piece that holds a refined paraffin fuel called Firefly Safe & Green. The fuel is not only clean-burning, non-toxic, and biodegradable, but can be combined with pure plant essential oils to indulge in a bespoke aromatherapy session. When the time comes to replenish the oil, simply remove the infinity wick (made from braided fiberglass so it never burns out!), refill using the provided measuring cup and funnel, and voilà—your captivating centerpiece is revitalized.

With Glowstone, you'll possess a truly unique, extraordinary decoration that enhances your home's aesthetic while serving a functional purpose by bathing your space in a warm, inviting glow, offering are a luxurious departure from mundane, everyday décor.

Glowstone is: nature's radiance, redefined.

Artist Images

Ammonite statement piece


Smokey quartz trio


Amethyst and citrine geode


Ocean fluorite


Polished amethyst citrine cathedral statement


Zeolite apophyllite peach stilbite blue chalcedony specimen


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