Bryan Walden,
Fashion Artist

Two time award winning Portland based streetwear clothing brand.

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Black Mannequin is a two time award winning Oregon based streetwear clothing brand founded in 2017 owned by barber and designer Bryan Walden.

Designs include custom items such as joggers, flare pants and mesh shorts paired with staple items such as hats, shirts and sweatsuits. The most popular items currently are the exclusive concert remix tee's and custom stacked flares.

A BLACK MANNEQUIN is A human being that’s at the top of their class in style or fashion. It has nothing to do with race, creed, color or religion. 

You've seen Black Mannequins used in high-end fashion shows with the newest looks and styles. Everyone can be a Black Mannequin. Bryan shows the world how to put together an outfit and how to rock comfortable stylish streetwear when wearing Black Mannequin clothing.


Artist Images

Black Mannequin custom stacked flare pants and exclusive remix concert tee


Black Mannequin classic logo shirt with custom stacked flare pants


Black Mannequin Dipped Flannel and Boutique Rack of Apparel


Black Mannequin award winning streetwear brand


Black Mannequin pop up


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