julie forbes,
Jewelry Artist

Jewelry, Art and Sculpture created with Reclaimed Electronics

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What of my art you say? Well… it both celebrates and bemoans the detritus of late-stage capitalism, transforming the electronic marbles at our feet that enable and enslave us. The enticing result: great gobs of today’s Fool’s Gold laid bare as you’ve never seen it before.


Too many now live life via rectangular glass glued to their palms – hey, use it, don't lose it. My high-tech, 3-D Electronic Viscera reveal the inner workings of our enslaving devices so that viewers can make the connection between art, technology, and sustainability. Don’t need my toilet talking to the Cloud, don’t want my thermostat monitoring my love life. Let folks see the inner workings, the guts of our 'labor-saving' intimates, the facilitators that trip us up. My art presents the confluence of technology and unsustainability.

I know that folks respond to my high-tech, torn-down art. Please see ReverbArt.com. I champion the art of reclamation, an ethos born of the crushing need to re-purpose and re-create, to seek to spark talk about where we’re headed with our heads up our screens.


Forget ‘our’ oil under their sand – that’s so twenty years ago. Will my twin galoots who I once nursed at my breast be soon dragooned into fighting for ‘our’ water that’s somehow found its way under Canada’s remaining snow?


Artist Images

Elektra Encrypted


Genie from Tomorrow's Nile


Amber Tech Statement Necklace


Diamond Tech Necklace


Axis Maxis


The Logical Conclusion


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