Sean U Dawson,
Mixed Media Artist

Artillary focuses on the art of weapons and replaces the violence with art and love

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Sean "Bucho" Dawson, a proud native Oregonian, was brought up in the challenging landscape of NE Portland during the tumultuous 1990s. In those formative years, guns, drugs, and violence loomed large, shaping his teenage experience. For Sean, prison seemed an unavoidable destination, a consequence of his choices.

During his initial days behind bars, Sean found solace in art, expressing his reality through drawings. One creation, "Boocho's Gun Room," served as the seed for his future endeavor:

ARTillary LLC. Unlike many former inmates who face the permanent loss of their right to bear arms, Sean's vision with ARTillary transcends violence. Instead, it celebrates the artistry inherent in weaponry, offering a unique perspective on artillery that goes beyond its destructive potential.

Artist Images

Double Rose Gold air soft Glock 19


Double Gold as Desert Eagle airsoft


Two Gold 380 air soft pistols with suppressors in a 15’ by 12’ inch shadow box


Eight 1:3 scale grenades in 16.5’ by 13.5 inch shadow box


Triple Gold Threat


Pretty pink with gold Desert Eagle


Artist Video

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