Jennifer L Petersen,
Jewelry Artist

Luna B is your destination for unique, handmade acrylic jewelry that matches your vibrant personality.

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I'm Jen, the creative mind and hands behind Luna B. My passion for crafting unique jewelry began in a quaint Minneapolis gift shop and has never faded. There's nothing quite like designing a bespoke piece and capturing the attention of everyone in the room.

My mission is to create jewelry that complements your individuality and makes your day brighter and your spirit lighter. After all, you're unique, and your jewelry should reflect that.

I live in beautiful Portland, Oregon with my lovely family — my husband, our daughter, and two adorable rescue pups. We love spending time exploring the coast, hiking, and supporting local artisan markets.

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Poppy Earrings


Rockstar Collection


Guillotine Earrings


Just Peachy Earrings


Kaleidoscope Earrings


Art Deco Hotel Earrings


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