Samuel T Scholtes,

Acrylic Canvas Paintings and Rock n Roll

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Burgundy Walrus is a creative project involving paintings, sketches, music, and poetry. Burgundy Walrus’ mission is to inspire creativity and share good vibes on Earth and beyond. Est. 2022

ZORB. ZORB is a surf/ski grunge rock and roll band. A platform, a dimension, a frequency, whatever you want to call it. Enter ZORBULON and get ZORBED! The power trio consists of Buddy Weaver on drums, Andrew Bell on bass guitar, and Samuel T. Scholtes on electric guitar and vocals. ZORB’s epic rhythm, heroic voltage, and energetic gusto revolutionize rock n roll. Music available on all streaming services

Artist Images

"Divine Guidance"


Dragon's Dimension


Dreams of Sunsets


"The Journey of Love"


"Cave of Love and Pain


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