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Unique Hand-wrapped Kokedama Planter Shells and Custom Plant Decor

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At Mossy Marvels, we pour our passion and creativity into every unique and visually stunning greenery display we create. Our functional plant arrangements are designed for various spaces, including homes, offices, Airbnb spaces, storefronts, and special events. 

Our product range features the original hand-wrapped Mossy Marvel's Kokedama, our innovative Kokedama planter shell, and our one-of-a-kind wooden arrangements and glass sand art Serenity Gardens. Each piece is meticulously crafted using natural materials by our dedicated owners and artists, Maria and Miles. We also offer a range of handmade plant accents, accessories, and live plants, including common and exotic species, tillandsias, and succulents. 

**At Mossy Marvels, we take pride in our sustainable sourcing practices. Our plants are locally sourced, nurtured in our nursery for at least two months, or grown from propagations, seeds, and starts. This process ensures our stock's health and pest-free nature while contributing to our local economy. ~Love and Light 

Artist Images

Kokedama Planter Shell


Succulent Arrangements


Custom Wood Hanging Art Piece/Live Spanish Moss


Serenity Garden Sand Art Terrariums


Potted Bromeliad in Queen Sized Kokedama Planter Shell


Love & Light


Artist Video

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