Celia H Drumure ,

sculpture made from her imagination world

Website https://www.celiahdrumure.com
Instagram @celiahdrumure

Celia was born and raised in Taiwan. With Taiwanese father and Burmese mother, she has adapted multi cultures trough out her youth.

Frequent travels has brought her with wilder world that's beyond southeast Asia.

She has attended Tung Fang Design University at age fifteen and granted Associate of Fine Art in 2009. She continued her interested in Tainan University Of Technology and granted with Bachelor of product design in 2011.

Soon after her graduation, she has moved to USA, Learned sculpting by self-taught basis and began her carrier with true passion in 2018.

Celia is currently based in Portland, Oregon USA. Her creative imagination has been inspired by Miyazaki Hayao from her childhood, Harry Potter by J.K Rowling and by director Wes Anderson.Her favorite book of all time is "Kabalmysteriet" (The Solitaire Mys-tery)-by Jostein Gaarder

Aside form inspired by mythology and books, her multi culture backgrounds and frequent travels, Celia has seen self-identity, growth and development as core of her creation. By exploring with nature elements in her artworks in connection with self to our society.

Artist Images

Hello Sunshine!


Little bear




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