Janelle M Kinsey,
Ceramic artist

I am a queer, feminist body cast artist. I turn live casts into ceramics.

Website https://www.janellekinsey.com/
Instagram @janellekinsey

I am a queer feminist artist. I create meaningful and provocative work about women and gender non-conforming people’s bodies, emotions and roles in our world. My goal is to facilitate an important narrative with about how we view our bodies, and what we can do to clear the way for feminist growth.

My personal inspirations to become a body positive artist began with my own healing after leaving a sexually abusive relationship. In my painting series, Self Growth (2019-2020), I explored self-portraiture as a means to reclaim my body and space. Since then, my work has reached far outside of my own personal experiences, and into talking to the collective experiences of those affected by the patriarchy

I include things in my work that would typically be otherwise hidden, stigmatized or hyper-sexualized. My latest work includes live cast vulva’s from people of varying cultures, ages and backgrounds. By taking something so private and vulnerable, and translating it onto my functional ceramic designs, I call upon the user of my products to consider domestic issues, housework, and the implications of them in their daily lives, as they use these objects.

Artist Images

Vulva Kitchen


Vulva Kitchen


Joyful Marigold


Stacking Vulva Soup Bowl Set


Self Realization


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