UAN News

Extended Showing

Urban Art Network’s First Thursday Street Gallery presents year round events

  • November 7th & December 4th, 2019 from 5-8 pm. 
  • January – March 2020.

2019 Advanced Registration Event

We're pleased to announce details about our 2019 Sign-up event on Thursday, March 21st.

Writing Your Artist’s Statement

Social media for artists

Improving Your Art Business

Tips from Business Coach Bonnie Kahn

Bonnie takes the time to share some of her artist success tips with Urban Art Network.

Art photography

DIY vs. hiring a pro

To Donate or Not to Donate?

Portland's Art Fundraisers

Artists’ inboxes are often stuffed with pleas for art donations…

Your First Grant

Tips and Insights from Anna Magruder

Artists in The Wind

Preparing your setup for windy conditions

The title of this article might sound poetic. But when a gust of wind lifts your fragile artwork and slams it down 20 feet away, you’re likelier to utter a curse than a verse.

Making the Most of RACC

Regional Arts & Culture Council