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New First Wednesday show in Portland Park Blocks

This summer, artists will colonize the North Park Blocks for a limited-time First Wednesday event.

Improving Your Art Business

Tips from Business Coach Bonnie Kahn

Bonnie takes the time to share some of her artist success tips with Urban Art Network.

Fire on The Water

A Dragon Boat Art Show

Demolition, Construction and the UAN Street Gallery

UAN artists will experience changes in Portland’s ever dynamic skyline up close this summer.

Advanced Registration information for the 2015 First Thursday Street Gallery

Thursday, March 19th 2015.

Art photography

DIY vs. hiring a pro

Portland Artists Set Goals, Hopes and Dreams for 2015

Setting Good Art-Related Goals

Mary Tapogna

Portland Mosaic Artist

To Donate or Not to Donate?

Portland’s Art Fundraisers

Artists’ inboxes are often stuffed with pleas for art donations…