What is the vendor load-in procedure?


All loading zones are located in front of the ‘Road Closed’ signs within the first 20 ft of the block. Only vendors directly in front of the loading zones can unload. Do not unload in the emergency lane marked by the "X" on the street. Please do not leave your vehicle unattended in a loading zone during the check in process. Vendors should spend no more than 15 minutes in the loading zone. Wait to set up canopy, table, etc. until after you have moved your vehicle from the loading zone. If you need help unloading, please let a UAN volunteer know and we will do our best to assist you. 

Do not block traffic, driveways or crosswalks with your vehicle as this can result in getting a ticket from the city.


After you quickly unload your vehicle, please re-park your vehicle on the street, then finish your booth setup/tent assembly etc. Street parking is paid until 7pm. 


When the event is over pack up all your belongings, then move your car, if necessary, to a loading zone. Do not block driveways or crosswalks. Please pick up all your trash/waste from your day before leaving.

Please join us in maintaining an efficient load in/load out process that acknowledges the needs of all the vendors and the local community.