What are the vendor guidelines for First Thursday

Vendor guidelines, 1st Thursday 2016

By purchasing a space to show with URBAN ART NETWORK, vendors are responsible for reviewing and following all guidelines & requests of event staff. Failure to do so may result in a no-sell status for the evening, season, or future events. 

SET UP: 3pm - 5pm Vendors may begin set up no earlier than 2pm.  Vendors not checked into, or at their reserved space by 4pm will forfeit their space.

  • Keep display and storage in marked space at all times.
  • Consider bringing carts or dollies for quicker loading & unloading.
  • Plan your display set up and help according to these short time-frames.

Street gallery hours: 5 - 10pm   Vendors must be set up no later than 5pm.

Event closes: 10pm     Early break down is not permitted. In some rare cases, events may close early due to weather. If this occurs, all vendors will be notified by UAN coordinator. 

Breakdown: 10pm - 11pm   All vendors must begin break down at 10pm. 

  • Cars are not permitted in loading zones until 10:15pm, booth must be completely broken down 1st.
  • Vendors must be packed up and off event site by 11pm.
  • Plan your display breakdown and help according to these short time-frames.
  • Consider bringing carts or dollies for quicker loading & unloading.

Vehicles on site Vehicles are not allowed in the event site for any reason. Vehicles in event site between 2pm-11pm risk being towed. 

Loading zones  Load in  3:00-5:00pm / Load out 10:15-11:00pm.

  • Loading zones are for active loading & unloading only. 
  • Loading zones are one car-length deep & two cars wide at each street entrance.  Do not move the road closed signs. 
  • Do not pull your car into the loading zone until your booth is completely broken down.
  • Be courteous to vendors in corner spots, do not unload any product into, or walk product though their space.
  • Consider bringing carts or dollies for quicker loading & unloading.


Location: Park Blocks 3:00 - 5:00pm.  /  NW 13th 2:00 - 4:30pm. All transactions & requests must be made during listed hours.  Please wait in fill in line for all transactions & requests. 

Power/lights Power is not provided for this event. Please plan your lighting set up accordingly. Generators are not permitted.  Do not plug into any building or business for this event under any circumstance.

Refunds Payments are non-refundable & non-transferable. Vendors wishing to ‚Äúgive away‚Äù their space to an unregistered vendor must receive prior approval from UAN staff. 

Wind acknowledgment Improperly secured displays have resulted in flying canopies, damaged artwork and property.  By signing our vendor agreement, you acknowledge the risk of displaying outdoors in a high-wind area & agree to take all necessary precautions to secure your display an artwork from the impact of strong winds. Urban Art Network assumes no responsibility for damage from vendor displays. 

  • All canopies must have proper weights secured at all times. 
  • The spaces between Hoyt and Irving on 13th street are in an especially high wind area.