Zeratha Monique Young,
Mixed Media Artist

Visual Explorer, Artist, Teacher-www.zeratha.com

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My artwork is often allegorical utilizing symbolism, diverse images and archetypes and sometimes text. I often strive to assist the viewer in exploring and attaining a heightened awareness of social, political or environmental issues and the cultural narratives we carry around with us. Other times I strive to tempt the viewer to enter a fantastical realm of psychedelic imagination and inspirational ponderings of such subjects as physics, the brain, ecology or states of consciousness. I like to create an aesthetic portal through which the viewer is invited to take a journey exploring the inner and outer landscape of the subject matter. I am very inspired by the textures, connections and patterns to be found in the natural and social world. My work will often highlight these relationships and tends to be colorful, fantastical and based in the framework of a story or a question.

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Seek Your Wisdom


The Flock and the Messenger


Self Kachina


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