Zahraa Mghames,

Luxury blend of coconut/soy wax scented candles made in Oregon

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Z'ura Candles is known for its non-toxic materials. We offer delicate well-taking care and handmade coconut soy wax candles infused with fragrance/essential oils. We take pride in our luxury scented candles, they offer a therapeutic aroma & healing purposes. Hand-poured in Oregon. We have been Limited Liability Company for the past year or so. We are taking Z'ura Candles to Seattle's big pop up markets, like, Columbia City Night Market and Occidental Square Market at Pioneer Square in Seattle. Z'ura Candles also offers candle making classes for special events like baby shower's , bday's, etc. 

Being a part of Urban Art Network has been a goal on our check list. We hope to represent Oregon's finest candles on this special event. 



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