Yvonne Mestre,

Fine Art Photography and Hand-Made Gifts


There has long been much debate about what constitutes "fine art" photography. In my opinion, a photographer whose primary goal is capturing beautiful or interesting images is by definition a fine art photographer. Consious decisions about lighting, choice of subject, framing, camera, and lenses must be made, just as a painter chooses what materials to use and which details to include or exclude in a particular work. To me, it is this creativity and emphasis on aesthetics that distinguishes “fine art” prints from other forms of photography. Everything that I create is hand-made, using supplies and materials purchased exclusively from other local businesses. I think that my customers are getting a great value when they buy from me, as they are purchasing signed, archival-quality works of art created by a local artist, at very reasonable prices. I hope that you enjoy my prints and canvases and I appreciate your interest.

Artist Images

The Maple by the Pond


Sunrise at Portland Japanese Garden


Spring Almond Blossoms


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