Xpressions of Creation,

My camera is my paintbrush and the world is my canvas.

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I was caught up in my own mundane view of the world, not seeing beyond my limited perception. My brother gave me my first digital camera in 2008 and that is when my world began to expand. Now, I am in awe of the creation that God is creating everyday and all around me. Photography not only opened my eyes to the natural beauty around me but changed my life as well. Nature and photography are my 2 passions. Photography opened my eyes and heart. I saw through the lens of my camera that each desert, forest and ocean has it’s own energy and beauty. I learned that every animal has it’s own unique personality. The world is a beautiful place and we forget that in our daily lives. I hope to remind the ‘inner’ kid in you of…the joy…the wonderment, the connection and the love for this big beautiful planet that we call home.

Artist Images

Ole Vintage Truck


After the Rain


Mother Mary in Black and White


Bee and Lavender.


Portland Blue


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