Whitney Jayne Ferwerda,
Mixed Media Artist

artist - designer - dreamer - photographer - frizz head - kid at heart

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A tid-bit about me: I was born in Seattle, raised in Utah, and my partner and I became official Oregonians in 2014. I love to work in my pajamas, and drink coconut-ginger lattes. I love 'what if' and 'would-you-rather' questions. I love learning, cooking, chocolate making, love a good book or movie, love to fish, I adore my dog (she's cuter than yours :) ), and most of all, I love being with my friends and family. When asked what drives my art, the short version would be that I strive to bring to light the extraordinary in the ordinary. An expanded version: My work is driven by my curiosity and wonderment at the things we all encounter on a daily basis, as well as subjects or messages that inspire, stir, make you think, and ultimately my desire to foster conversations, community, collaboration, and positive change in the world. works include a variety of different mediums, including oil, pastel, charcoal, photography, and digital design/art. I produce commissions, originals, limited editions, and am always adding new ways to buy my art in something useful, functional, or just plain different...since I'm always striving to think outside the box, I also strive to create outside the box. For example, you can now buy my art (and design your own), in jewelry, ornaments, coasters, and my excitingly popular cell phone covers! Well, thanks for supporting, and letting me share a little of my story and my art. All the best! Whitney

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