Viktoria Ciesiul,
Jewelry Artist

Handmade Jewelry Inspired By Nature

In 2009, I found myself with a fresh Bachelors Degree of Architecture and all the promise in the world...right? Well, after months of fruitless job searching in this bleak market I decided to take matters into my own hands and start my jewelry business!

While studying Architecture at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo I earned a Minor in Art that focused on jewelry design. I have been making jewelry for 4 years now and for three of those years I taught Jewelry Casting and Metal Smithing at the Cal Poly University Union Craft Center.

My jewelry is inspired by colors and shapes I see in nature. I love working with earthy colors. One of my favorite effects in nature is when a little bit of a really bright color peaks through its surrounding of more muted colors, like fresh budding flowers on a late winter tree.

I now live in beautiful Portland, Oregon where have set up my very own jewelry studio and produce all of my current work.

Artist Images

Paisley Earrings!!


Lotus Earrings


Studded Bangles


Leaf Cluster Necklace


Signature Paisley Earrings


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