Victoria M Reid,
Jewelry Artist

An indie small biz that provides eclectic pieces for you and your home

Instagram @goldfinchcollective

I have been creating things for as long as I can remember. A lifelong hobby finally started to become a business in fall of 2021! I found polymer clay and quickly fell in love with it due to its versatility and durability. I love to use this extremely common medium in uncommon ways. In addition to jewelry, homewares have become a staple in Goldfinch: coasters, candlestick holders, soap dishes, and original paintings. My idea is to make aesthetic goods accessible to everyone, and to make eclectic pieces for eclectic people and their homes.

Artist Images

Wiggly vase stud No. 1


Assortment of polymer clay earrings


Marbled clay coasters (set of 4)


Marbled quartz stud with wavy silver frame


Checkerboard coaster set


No. 8


Artist Video

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