Vanessa James,
Fashion Artist

We use text to create designs that spark conversation.

Instagram @innocentdesigns_wap

Miss Vanessa James has a passion for creating unique designs, this desire

began over a decade ago. As a member of Benson Polytechnic High School

(Portland, OR) Cheerleading Team, she would design and produce apparel

for the team, she was ‘the girl for the job’!

Vanessa graduated and continued her education in Graphic Design at Jackson State University (Jackson, MS), gaining her Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. When it was time to return home, Miss James studied Web Design at Portland Community College (Portland, OR).

With a strong educational background coupled with lots of prayer and faith, Vanessa was ready to step forward and make her lifelong dream a reality. Innocent Designs was established in 2020 with several collections that speak to Vanessa's personal life.

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