Tyra Szalakiewicz,
Mixed Media Artist

Digital Mixed Media Art & Contemporary Photography

Instagram @this_t3ch

Tyra Szalakiewicz’s background as a law enforcement officer and teacher helped to shape her visions in digital art. Now she shares her photography and images with you through digital storytelling.

Near completion of her Graduate degree (University of Hawaii) in Learning Design and Technology in Education, she was introduced to the world of digital design and art. She continues to combine her impeccable attention and observations to detail, her passion as a local artist, as well as, operating her own business to create stories through the use of artistic imagery. “THiS t3ch” specializes in digital art, graphic design, photography and eLearning development. Her specialties in design are with local, favorite sights around Portland and the Pacific Northwest. Through her designs, she communicates stories with vintage and modern images inviting you to trip back in times of old without loosing a step.

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