Trish Randall,

I do ink&wash, mostly landscapes & florals

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My main method of working is ink & wash, a watercolor technique using India ink for contrast. I like vivid colors, and enjoy contrasting structures with natural forms in my compositions. The majority of my work is landscapes, cityscapes. & floral, although I sometimes dabble with human forms. I like to work small - even my "big" work is rarely larger than 8x10 inches, most are in the 5x7 or even 2x3 inch sizes.

I am heavily influenced by the Impressionists, especially Claude Monet. I was fortunate enough to enjoy a Monday painting in his garden at Giverny a couple of years ago (On Mondays, the garden is open only to artists & photographers, & working on art is forbidden all other days because of the frequently crowded conditions). My time painting in Monet's garden and the town of Giverny has affected my use of color and inspired me to plant my own flower garden to paint from (though on a much smaller scale, mon Petit Giverny). Another thing I find fascinating about the Impressionists is that, although their subject matter was often rural, they weren't dreamy romantics, but at the cutting edge of sciences including optics and chemistry, and were really into using the latest discoveries to create better paint and paintings. Their pioneering of plein air was all about the power of direct observation.

I also do very small work, which I started doing to sell through Artomat, a nonprofit that refurbishes old cigaret machines, which are placed in museum gift shops, galleries & other venues around the country. Each row, that was once a cig brand, is the work of one artist. The work must be small enough to fit in a cigaret pack sized box. Through Artomat, I sell paintings, tiny handmade journals & earrings. I really like the recycling, gadget & whimsical aspects of Artomat. The closest machine is at the Radio Room 1101 NE Alberta St., Portland OR.

I love doing Urban Art Network First Thursday events because I really enjoy talking about art with all the interesting people who come and see us. I really enjoy the opportunity to actually meet the people who buy my work, and really love it when people tell me where my pieces are placed. (Just so you know, I never come when its raining, as my work is too delicate to withstand damp conditions)

Thanks to everyone who has visited my table over the years, engaged in so many interesting discussions, and purchased my work. I appreciate all your support.

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mythic series summer 2012


Monet's Pond


View from the train to Avignon


painting in Amsterdam


tiny paintings nov 2011


tiny aintings nov 2011 b


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