My originals made of: Oil,acrylic,wood,canvas,gold foil.

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Music and musicians. Our world is filled with melodies. The undulating song of the common loon, the tranquil sounds of a babbling brook, a breeze stirring the fallen autumn leaves; it is no surprise humans create music to join in. While music itself is beautiful, so, too, are the musicians — their very motions emphasize the music they choose to create. A jazz musician moves very differently to one that plays classic rock and roll, for example. I enjoy not only listening to music, but watching it — the movements of the musicians, their colorful garb, carefully chosen to accentuate their style. Using wood, gold foil, and watercolors, I bring my musicians to life. The style is inspired by miniatures depicted in old manuscripts, the kind of illustrations seen in books dating back to the 15th century. The process is complicated, and requires a lot of patience; I relish the challenge.

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Musician- red beard




Guitar Musitian


Contrabass Musician


Moustached Musician


Blue Beard Musician


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