TJ Ravenwolf,

Native American. self-taught artist, Hand harvested natural Pigments.…
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Artist, Painter,

Wood Worker, & Carpenter.

I am Dyen Datson’ ye ye Teekkona,

Koyukon Athabaskan/Muscogee Creek
Native American artist/woodworker;

Born and raised in Alaska.

I grew up in Anchorage, at times in Fairbanks and in Koyukuk, an Athabaskan Native village in the interior of Alaska with no phones, power or running water in the 1970's. I was raised in a traditional subsistence lifestyle, in fish camps in the summers, gathering traditional foods and medicines through the warm seasons, hunting in the fall and with dog sledding on traplines in the winters.

I was raised by extended family and the village. These experiences engrained a deep spiritual awareness and connection with creation which inspires me to this day. Having learned to sew, cook, bead, knit and carve wood at a very young age, molded a creative spirit and a perspective of the sacred.

Enduring the hardships faced by most Native Americans today, Art and Traditional Native American spiritual practices have saved and preserved my place here on our mother earth. The sharing of this journey is a testimony that the traditional lifeways and cultural wisdoms are a time tested and true way of being, a contributing force in the world as we know it.

I currently reside in Portland, Oregon, I have a deep affinity for the Pacific Northwest, as it has a diverse array of wildernesses. This part of the world provides me with the natural pigments that I love. It blesses me with the rich colors and textures found in my paintings.

I suffer from chronic pain, fatigue, and fibromyalgia. Humor, Art, and a Traditional Native American ceremonial life allows me to maintain a reverent and functional outlook and a way of being in the world around me.

I create because I must in order to survive.

As a self-taught artist, working on multi-media experimental journey of3-D paintings using hand harvested natural Earthen pigments, plant and berry stains, sands, clays, and ashes that express traditional and cultural stories and spiritual beings which are captured into a living body of work.


Artist Statement

My story is not unlike any other indigenous person’s journey living in two ways, in two realms, while learning how to cope with life as a spiritual human being in today’s world. From early on in my childhood I have always been an industrious, resourceful and creative creature by nature, full of adventure. I have produced “ART” for over 30 years in one form or another.

I deeply believe art is a method of celebrating and preserving my cultural roots and the whole Alaskan lifestyle andexperience. I do not adhere to any one genre or medium. This allows me to be free of any artistic disciplines. I enjoy the adventure of exploring and blending materials in an evolving way to convey a message that may reach, touch, and speak to others on their paths in life as well. All of my creations have a spiritual significance, expressed through the many indigenous symbols and motifs, leaving a story and prayer within each.

It is my intention and wish to bring about awareness and understanding to many Alaskan Native/American Indian issues and concerns through the creations and visions produced through me. This is an ongoing venture that I chose to do, responsibly with respect and a love for all of life, life that we all share.

I am grateful to have the honor of being able to express and share my visions and experiences through my journey of what is called “ART”. I call this a way of being and a means of documenting my healing process. I have crossed the pains, joys, suffering, and exciting glimpses of a timeless world into something of reverence and permanence. "ART" that can show the primal sacredness in all things that screams to be seen by anyone who chooses to really look.

I believe that it is all of our responsibility to be there for each other in ways that we are created to be…I am doing my part as best that I can and hope that all of us will make these moments here count and bring about a significant difference for the future generations to whom we are indebted...

Aho! A brother in life and spirit-
TJ Ravenwolf
Mitakuye Oyasin - We are all related

Artist Images

'End of the Storm'


"Two-Spirits Prayer"


"She: With Open Heart"


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