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The art of photography is a passion and pursuit that has absorbed him for o

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Originally from NYC, Tim Sexton is a Melbourne-based photographer who has made Australia home since 2010.  As an objective observer in this space, photography provides not just my view of the world but creates a continual challenge to attempt to reconcile what I witness visually to the emotional attachment of the moment.  

I'm specifically drawn to the implicit human attachment between the subject and the viewer, whether it be spontaneous or planned. In practice, I attempt to connect the viewer with the inner emotional expression of the subject, allowing them to go deeper into the meaning behind what we habitually and passively observe.

I view my work through the lens to explore topics of social justice and work intuitively, guided by my subject and space.  By exploring inequities in an honest and raw manner, I work to reveal the intense beauty of how different peoples lives are shared.  This exploration may be found as hope, persistence, or a driven intensity for survival as opposed to how these subjects are typically exploited by popular media.

I have been shooting freelance commercial advertising, fashion, and lifestyle portraiture full-time since 2012.  This work provides me the ability to travel and pursue my passion for creating media to assist a variety of non-profits and NGOs in support of their missions around the world.

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