Taylor D Murahashi,

I’m a Philippine Babaylan, & use precolonial wisdoms to make holistic tools

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I offer various types of merchandise & services as a Philippine Babaylan (i.e., high priestess/shaman). For example, but not limited to, amulets (e.g., invite abundance or protection), fortune readings (i.e., bibliomancy combined with osteomancy readings that are blended with pendulum a/o+ elder futhark bone runes), alter tools (e.g., hag stones that also function as alter shelving) spiritual tools/cleansing products (e.g., cleansing wands, cleansing baths, incense blends, etc), dried botanicals (i.e., components, ancestor or alter offerings), amulets (e.g., protection), spell work kits (DIY), charms, & tools (e.g., anointment oils).


Tools/products available are seasonal & may vary. Some examples of current stock (but not exclusive to): Soulmate powder, interactive love amulet, interactive abundance amulet, abundance (money) protection amulet (wallet & desk options), spell hastening powder, cleansing powders (3 types of cleansing), cleansing bath + self love spell, dried botanicals (i.e., components, ancestor or alter offerings), hag stones (i.e., multifunctional as alter shelving, portal work, looking glass for the other side, protection, & incense holder), anointment oil (e.g., protection (general), love (the love you need), health (general, + sooth anxiety), enhance spiritual energy, self love charm (wallet), & bibliomancy/ osteomancy  combo readings.

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