Tatyana Ostapenko,

Expressive contemporary paintings of vast landscapes and strong women

Website https://tatyanaostapenko.com
Instagram @postsovietart

Tatyana Ostapenko creates contemporary figurative paintings on canvas using oils and acrylics. Having started her artistic journey as a street photographer, she now uses photographic references and digital collage to generate painting compositions and ideas.

A distinguishing feature of her artwork is a combination of realistic rendering and bold abstract paint application. She is always looking for new and exciting ways to apply paint and enjoys the use of experimental techniques and tools and uses squeezes, drywall knives, windshield wipers, rags, and fingertips to create my artwork. 

Her painting process is intuitive and open-ended. And while she uses photo collage as a starting point, the finished paintings often look quite different from the source material. Painting for her is a process of exploration of both materials and my subject matter, and she allows the medium and imperfect tools to lead her to new discoveries.

Tatyana’s artwork has been exhibited at galleries, art fairs and museums in the Pacific Northwest, on the East Coast, and in Ukraine and South Korea.

She  was born and raised in Ukraine, and Portland, OR has been her home for the last decade.

Artist Images

Willamette Paddle




Feels Like Home


Life is a Mystery


Mt Hood


Oregon Coast


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