Sydnee Dowd,
Fabric Artist

Handcrafted trendy dog bandanas and accessories

Instagram @@_boneyardco_

I was inspired to create dog accessories because of the special bond that I have with my furry best friend. I jumped into this craft not knowing the first thing about sewing. It took a ton of trial and error, hours of watching videos and reading tutorials, and a LOT of frustration.. but I fell in love with the process and continued to perfect it. At the time of starting my business, I lived with my family and together we had 8 dogs on the property. Each of them were so deeply loved and cared for - they were spoiled more than you could believe! I knew that if my family loved their dogs this much, other people did too. I wanted to share my accessories with other dog-lovers as each one is made with tons of passion and love for dogs.

Artist Images

“Dalm-ind If I Do” Dog Bandana


Macrame Leashes


“Russet” Fall Dog Bandana


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