Suzanne Sherman,
Fashion Artist

I'm a happy hat maker!


I design snazzy dazzy one of a kind hats, handbags and other accessories for men and women using traditional millinery techniques and contemporary fiber arts. Simplicity and Kindness...those are the principles that guide me: I am inspired to make designs that are beautiful because they are simple, elegant and made with a conscience about where my materials come from. My hats and accessories are not "BIG"...they are not mass-produced...they are not overly-done. I choose materials that are cruelty-free and I like to reuse and recycle.

Artist Images

Dove Grey Velour Felt Fedora with Black Silver Leaf Jasper and Sterling Silver Hatpin


French Blue Velour Felt Asymmetrical Cocktail Hat with Pampas Grass "Feather"


Vintage Ribbon Straw Toque with Garlic Skin Flowers


Artist Video

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