Suzanne Keolker,
Fashion Artist

fun & funky handbags, wallets & other accessories from nostalgic stuff

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Based in Portland, Oregon, Mugwump utilizes all variety of recycled goods, from retro records & cast away vinyl banners to lost maps and your favorite childhood books to create handbags, wallets, and other fun accessories.

A former teacher, Suzanne Keolker took her love of children's books & created accessories from discarded beat up books & games & records.  Learning early on from her mother that nothing gets wasted, she tries to utilize all the parts of the things she gleans from thrift stores to create bags, wallets, passport covers & clutches -  just to name a few.  She loves creating functional accessories that include a bit of whimsy, eco-friendliness, and because she's a bit sentimental - nostalgia.

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Gameboard Tote Bag


Credit Card Wallet


Book Bag


Luggage Tags


Album Cover Tote Bag


Album Cover Handbag


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