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PAINt strokes and heART beats me up.

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"Sensibility is for shoes not for Suejon"-iggynono (cat) Currently making a mess of things in Portland since 2018. Prior to that I was feasting on the Linseed Cakes while sipping on Mineral Spirits with all the uppercrust woodland creatures of San Francisco. These woodland creatures of my future are the mentors of my past. Always teaching me to feel all the emotions and enjoy the oil painting journey. As they say....don't get hung up the ending just stumble around the canvas and be ready for the next battle.

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Chunky Arm Knit Dog & Cat Beds


Chunky Arm Knit Dog & Cat Beds


a feast, a beast, a spectre


Foxes Sleep


window vain


Chunky Chenille Arm Knit Blanket


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