Steve Dehlinger,

acrylic on canvas, watercolor and ink on paper

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Steve Dehlinger is primarily a graphic and abstract painter, currently working with acrylic on canvas, and pen/ink/watercolor for his drawings. His current work observes how we relate with objects we use every-day. Steve tugs at our memories and emotions with images of those favorite worn tools and trusty old appliances not to mention the favorite old toys. Steve creates icons from those comforting objects like a special cup of coffee or cozy pot of tea, symbols that warms you inside physically and comforts your soul. Steve feels his major influences and inspirations are Wayne Thiebaud, Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol and Mark Rothko. Some of his abstract images hint at a landscape or a representation, not always a conscious effort. What people see in the paintings always surprises and delights him. Contrasts of large color areas against blocks of visual and dimensional textures have been a great focus of Steve's color-field work. More of Steve's work is at:

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Extra Butter


Hot Rod


Still Life with Screws


I'm Burnin' for You


Happy Place


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