Stephanie Nicole Wagner,
Jewelry Artist

A proud Portlander with a passion for creating eye-catching adornments.

Instagram @thelovelyrustic
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I create by hand unique, one of a kind jewelry that is inspired by bohemian and contemporary trends, with a dash of classic style. I strive to create beautiful, quality work that is eye catching, fun and versatile. I make pieces that I can sell at many price points so that my brand is all inclusive to every income level. My passion is to make jewelry that is truly it's own style that people will be excited about. I am inspired all the time by art in almost every medium. I believe in the unity of independent artists and strive to be a part of a community. I do not see my fellow artisans as competition, I see them as inspirational motivators who I feel a connection to on a creative and intellectual level.

Artist Images

Statement Pieces


Aura Crystal


Beaded Bangles


Raw Garnet Ring


Working with what Mother Nature gave us!


My Own Model


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