Stephanie Lynn Hanson,

I do drawings of animals with geometric designs.

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My name is Stephanie Hanson and I am an artist living here in Portland, Oregon.  My artwork mainly consists of drawings, but I do love painting and creating prints as well.  In my drawings, I enjoy incorporating the joy and the love I have for animals and people.  I focus mainly on creating geometric shapes and then crosshatching to add a sense of depth to those drawings.  I feel the depth is what brings the drawings to life. In some of my colored work, I like to bring my sarcasm and my sense of humor to those pieces.  They typically reflect my personal experiences and dreams. I put a lot of time and myself in my artwork, which is why I see the bliss in my drawings.  When I’m participating in art shows, seeing people’s faces light up makes every pen stroke worth it.  I love being able to bring smiles and happiness to others.  

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