Stephanie Brockway,
Wood Artist

Carved Wood Sculpture & Colorful Layered Painted Panels.…

Part anthropologist, part collector; my art path has taken many twists and turns.
I don’t set out to recycle or upcycle, as much as I can hold an object and see possibilities. I’m driven to build or create something where there once was nothing. At heart I’m a painter, having dabbled in many mediums. A common thread is unexpected colors or materials. I am easily bored, if I’m not challenging or pushing myself. Creating a problem that needs solving.

The worn discarded fragments I use, can range from an old fishing float, a cutting board with lots of marks, to a discarded paint brush used for many years, all the layers of paint telling their story. It’s exciting to see what emerges. Wood carving is a subtractive medium; unforgiving. Each piece of wood is a bit of a mystery, with different grains and ages, each presenting the challenge I crave.

I strive for craftsmanship and try to elevate the forgotten, into an heirloom.

My style is primitive, naive with touches of urban, destruction and decay creeping in.

I seek simplicity, in a world that is too often mass produced.

I have had the privilege of publishing many articles; two are upcoming in spring 2013, Art Doll Quarterly and Prims. Another highlight was a spot on HGTV’s That’s Clever

I’ve sold work all over the country , through local galleries. I am always honored when someone wants to own a piece I’ve made, and also a little sad to see a piece of art go. See my art resume on my blog's right hand column

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