Spencer Carlton Silva,
Glass Artist

I'm mathematically minded and artistic at heart.

I have not always been an artist, it all began when I was going to school at CSU Chico for a degree in Applied Mathematics. I was taking Introduction to Chaotic Dynamical Systems and we were going over the first chaos graph discovered, the Lorenz Attractor. This graph looked like a butterfly, which gave me a good idea for a piece of art but I felt like i didn't have the skills to create that piece. Over the next 3 semesters I took 3 drawing, 2 glass and 1 printmaking course; even after I graduated my professors let me sit in on their classes allowing me to still work with glass. My obsession with glass grew and eventually I found a job as a glass caster at Bullseye. I am now making plaid dishware and candle working strings of glass to make figures on tiles. My main piece I am working on currently is a glass comic book page; I still have a long way to go but I'm getting there.

Artist Images

Fractal Triforce


Sweet Tooth


Jedis Of The Sea


How Do I Line Up


Möbius Pile


Plaid Dishes


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