Skyler McCaughey,
Jewelry Artist

Etched stainless steel cuffs, earrings, and pendants

Wonderlust Jewelry is a unique blend of artistry and craftsmanship that was born out of two very different schools of learning. Skyler McCaughey, is a printmaker by training and a sign maker by trade. Skyler moved to Portland, Oregon from Southern California in 1999 to attend the Pacific Northwest College of Art. She later graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor's degree in printmaking. While attending college and after graduation Skyler was working at a glass and metal works shop that specialized in making etched architectural signage. While she was familiar with etching copper plates in the print studio, it was at the shop that she learned how to etch stainless steel.
Several years ago she made some cuffs for herself and friends out of some scrap pieces of steel. After getting more and more requests from friends and friends of friends, it was time to give the project a name: Wonderlust Jewelry.
Skyler considers this line of jewelry to be the marriage of both her educations. She uses the artistic sensibilities she learned as a printmaker and the technical skills she learned as a sign maker to create her one of a kind pieces of jewelry.

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