Sherrie Stahl,
Mixed Media Artist

Mixed Media Collage using Photography…
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Two years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, a neurological disease which affects your ability to balance and move.. Although I had been painting and drawing before that day, the diagnosis for me was life-changing. It made me realize that I had only so much time left in which to do the things that mattered…and one of those was art. I also realized that anything that used the creative side of my brain, would help me fight the disease.

Over the years I have studied under several Portland area artists

Jude Seigel who teaches “Nature Journaling/Watercolor”

Jane Gallen Lipton who teaches “Drawing”,

Kaye Synoground who teaches “Colored Pencil Drawing”

Sharon Geraci who teaches “Collage”.

I also recently took up photography, and over the last two years have perfected my skills at photography, especially with birds and waterfowl. I belong to Blipfoto where you post a photo a day on the web. This really has pushed me to take daily photographs.

Finally I was ready to put all of these together and start creating collages which include some of my drawings, my watercolors, my photographs and my hand-made papers. My first series of 3 collages included transfers of my bird photos and several included pen and ink drawings as the focal point. I love the collage idea as it enables me to use all the mediums together and to be more creative.

I'm having an opening on May 2, 2013 / First Thursday Portland OR!/events

Artist Images

Spared Chinese Crow


"Cooper's Hawk Goes Tribal"


"Pelagic Cormorant"


"Something To Crow About"


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