Sheila DeLaquil,

I create non-representational 2D art.

Sheila DeLaquil Art Statement It's the adventure of painting that moves me to start a new piece. I begin with inspirations of color, movement and structure, and as the painting progresses, I think more about harmony and composition. I keep my mind open to playfulness and unpredictability, realizing that more often than not, things that "just happen" are a gift. My work is experimental and expressive. I make marks and add shapes. At the same time, I observe what's actually happening on the surface I paint, I draw, I reflect on what I see. Mystery is important. The unexpected is a bonus. The challenge is to figure out what's next. And when to stop. Ultimately, I believe that I've created a successful painting if it's unanticipated, and if there's a good chance that fascination with the painting will last well beyond the viewer's first interaction.

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