Savannah Joy Wright,
Jewelry Artist

Custom resin jewelry and crochet clothing and accessories

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My name is Savannah, I also go by Say or Savvy, which is where I got the name Vee from (although spelled differently). I started my online depop shop around two years ago in April/May of 2020 to explore my creativity and artistry, as well as providing extra income due to the pandemic. My grandma has been an artist all her life and she was the person who introduced me to resin and crochet/fiber arts. 

Crocheting is newer to me, as I only started in December 2021. My inspiration for crochet designs come from current fashion trends. Wearability and comfort are my top priority when I am creating a new clothing piece. Crochet accessories such as bags, hats, and scarves have been my more popular items as far as sales go. Typically I only create with natural yarns such as cotton or bamboo as they are more universally loved, and create the least amount of sensitive skin reactions (shout out to all my people with sensitive skin). Through both the medium of yarn and resin I create bright, eclectic, modern and vintage inspired pieces that look good on everyone. 

Artist Images

Resin Earrings style "Pauline"


Free hand heart bikini top


Pink botanical halter top


Geo resin ring


PDX downtown flea hangar set up (fall/winter 2022)


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