Sarah G Winston,
Jewelry Artist

Handmade silver jewelry inspired by the landscape of the Pacific Northwest.

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Sarah Winston is a self taught silversmith and one woman show of Understory Silversmithing. She creates one of a kind, completely handmade jewelry pieces that are heavily inspired by the lushness of the forests here in the Pacific Northwest. She is drawn to a wide variety of plant and animal life, including endangered wildlife. Sarah draws inspiration from another source in story telling and folk tales. Each piece of jewelry is one of a kind and meant to last for many years to come made from only the highest quality sterling silver, vibrant stones, and mixed metals. 

Artist Images

Chinook Salmon Earrings with Iolite


Carnelian Poppy Earrings


Dogwood Silver Earrings


Baba Yaga Bolo Tie


Spring Flower Pendant


Artist Video

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