Sara McCormick,

Sara McCormick is an artist & designer, specializing in Fractal Art.…
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My work is a form of digital art know as fractals: mathematical & natural forms that exhibit self-similarity. These patterns repeat for infinity, & contain the same formations & level of detail at all scales, resulting in art of infinite depth & detail. With careful composition & color choice I am able to bring out the rich, organic nature of these forms.

Fractals are like the genetic code of the universe. So much of this world can be described by these same simple patterns, so that when I create, I feel as if I am a part of evolution.

Since graduating with a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2005, my work has been shown in numerous on-line & group exhibitions. I have had several solo exhibitions, including at Darras & Coeur:Art galleries & the Portland International Airport.

As a local artist here in Oregon, I was a vendor at the Portland Saturday Market for over 4 years. My products can be found in many boutiques and gift shops, including OMSI & the Smithsonian.

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Drifters 2




Fluid Dynamics


Heart's Path


Salvador's Number


Queen Anne's Lace


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