Sam Lindberg,
Jewelry Artist

Custom chainmaille jewelry and art pieces

Instagram @sisypheanprocesses

Chainmaille has been an intense interest since I first stumbled upon it in 2014 in my hometown of Huntsville Alabama. I took one class with the artist and was instantly hooked. 

Throughout the years I have used chainmaille to create original artwork and jewelry that I couldn't find anywhere else. Sometimes I use it to play with color by designing large tapestry type pieces. 

Usually I'm exercising my creativity and making statement necklaces with fake taxidermy eyes or pearls or metal elements. Whether it's a piece I create in my head or working with customers for commissions I really just love this medium. It invigorates and interests me like nothing else does and I'm so excited to see what I continue to make throughout my life. 

Artist Images

Eye of Sauron


Coin Purse


Set of Bracelets


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