Ruby Dean,
Mixed Media Artist

Weird and chaotic art made out of recycled materials

Instagram @Biscuitscoshop

I want to spread my art across the world and create joy and happiness for people who enjoy weird art. I try to keep my art as inexpensive as possible so that people have a better chance of spreading my art and enjoying it, without breaking the bank. I also try to help the environment by making my art out of recycled materials. About 70% of my art and packaging is make out of recycled materials. I get my supplies from thrift stores, buy nothing groups, yard sales, art recycling stores, and my own recycling bin. Because I use recycle materials for my art, 80% of all my art cannot be replicated and is one of a kind.

Artist Images

Body, Violence and Sea


Spiraling Boobah Collage


Brown Mushroom Scene




Pink Wooden Nokia Phone


Pride Earrings


Artist Video

There is no video yet for this profile.