Roxanne Seaton,

I blend tech, art, & UX to innovate and transform.

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Roxanne is a multi-disciplinary artist who uses her work to connect with others and share new perspectives. Her art is inspired by her natural curiosity and desire to explore new ways of thinking and seeing things. Roxanne’s work explores themes of connection, empathy, and understanding rooted in her cultural traditions of creating a sense of community and belonging. She focuses on details and creates mood-lifting art, using a mix of technology, fine art, and functional design techniques to create her projects.

Roxanne’s creative process involves spending time in her community, listening to problems and stories, and working collaboratively with others to create something greater than what could be achieved alone. Through her art, Roxanne hopes to convey that we can learn so much from different perspectives and worldviews and that working together can produce something far greater than we could achieve alone.


Artist Images

1st Street Mural - St John's Bridge


Sunrise Children's ER Mural


Forest Service


Octocat Mural


Keep Portland Feared


Artist Video

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